Why We Created This website

We started this company a passion for the reselling of used stuffs, knowing above all that whatever really did throw away stuffs of our own.

After coming out of the employment world, I became a stay-at-home mum. Although I loved my job(best job in the world), I quickly realized I was bored and wanted to do something. That led me to helping my husband out.

He was already reselling tyres on the side and I decided to help him out, forming Marilynch and Lermcen’s tyre. We are only active on Carousel at the moment.

I will never forget how we decided to start, during a dinner conversation about helping out the spare tyre business since I had nothing much to do. He said to me ‘Why not lets do it together?’ That was when I decided to set up this blog. I was an avid writer after all..

The experience we have is all that matters!