Blog Intro

Hey there fellow people! For all those of you that haven’t met me before, my name is Mariylnch. I grew up in Singapore, home of the reds and a small little dot. It was one sunny afternoon that it was so beautiful while watching the national day parade and having a beer which I realized I wanted to be involve in business. My favorite is the brick and mortar business, although I have never really started my own business before.

Because you may or may not have figured from this post, I’m the head editor for Marilynch & Lermcen’s Tyre. I’m one of 2 partners that is running this business, so… I guess that you could say we are kind of a old two person show. A needle in a haystack. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve as much admiration for those businesses who have youngsters working and hustling. But sometimes it’s a little odd being a pair of old entrepreneurs around.

Last month I found out that I successfully sold to a customer. By referral. And they found us out by a stranger who was not even our friend!! So surprising and so much learning to do. There’s so many things I really don’t think I could start to explain them. I am learning about new things, even at this age! It’s really never too late to start!

So I’ve decided to share my experience online (the horror! The fear!) , also give you a opportunity to get to know me a tiny bit better. I will share a ridiculous amount of information, tips and tricks we learnt while running this business and just about anything on our experience! I really like all things written down , if you had not already figured it out.

Hopefully you will learn something from us, especially if you think you’re too old to start. Hope this gives you inspiration and determination.