About Us


Hello, my name is Marilynch. 
Thank you so much for visiting our website.

Let me introduce myself..
I am a 48-year-old working mother, who lives in Singapore with her husband (the other partner) ,two our children, a husky called Boo and we’re loving it.

I work part-time to help with my husband and I spend the rest of the week with my kids.

A little bit about my husband Lercmcen…

He’s the guy with the big smile and the army haircut. He’s quite often seen enjoying himself at golf courses because that’s his favorite hobby.

He’s very approachable as a person and have the ability to create good atmosphere wherever he goes.

We met each other in Holland(he’s dutch) where we attended school together, been together for 15 years and counting!

Anyway, that’s enough about us. Hope you like our journey in business together. We’re still new at this so it’s interesting to keep track of our own progress.